Omar Abou Mrad

Enjoy every sandwich

Making sandwiches is as much an art as painting a master piece! (Yeah, I'm so poetic). It doesn't matter what you're trying to make, odds are you'll never hit the flavors you need from the very first try, even if you're just LEGO ing the ingredients together!

The above is my wife's favorite, it's a prosciutto and salami mix, a thin layer of swiss gruyere and some greens that really boost the flavors sky high. We tend to throw in a couple of thin lemon slices to reduce the saltiness and it really works perfectly well!

I'm not one to follow recipes to the letter and always tend to throw in some personal touch, kind of like the above sandwich that contains a juicy buritto mix with light mozarella sprinkled inside. The bread is toasted giving the necessary crunch if moist is an issue then the chips to the rescue!

But you know, when you make so many sandwiches, sometimes you tend to forget what ingredients you used, kind of like the above sandwich which I cannot for the life of me remember what it contained, but only that it was delicious!


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